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Minnesota State Aviation System Plan (MnSASP)

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State Aviation System Plan

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is updating Minnesota’s State Aviation System Plan (MnSASP). The MnSASP is the Office of Aeronautics’ long-term strategic plan, designed to provide a description and assessment of the system’s current performance, as well as guidance for future development. MnSASP is part of MnDOT’s Family of Plans, which stem from the Minnesota GO 50-year Vision. The vision outlines what Minnesotans desire from the state’s transportation system and identifies key guiding principles MnDOT strives to achieve.

The MnSASP has been updated in two phases. Phase 1 was completed in 2019. The Statewide Airport Economic Impact Study was an ancillary study developed out of Phase 1 and was completed in 2020. Phase 2 is in the process of being completed.



  • Sets goals for the aviation system
  • Identifies aviation needs
  • Creates a direction for the future

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the MnSASP involved validating the deliverables from Phase 1, analyzing policy issues facing the state aviation system, acquiring and managing data to develop a MnSASP database and display dashboard, publishing the SASP, and developing a continuous implementation plan.

Elements of Phase 2

  1. Validating Recommendations and Deliverables from Phase I
  2. Policy Issues to Analyze
  3. Validate and Modify Phase I Data Acquisition Plan
  4. Acquire data
  5. Develop Data Management Plan
  6. Database System and Display Dashboard
  7. Public Involvement
  8. Publish document
  9. Develop implementation plan

Policy Issues

  • Operations Counting and Forecasting
  • Residential Through the Fence
  • Hangar Availability and Funding Participation
  • Airport Closures
  • Crosswind Runway Analysis
  • Clear Zone Policy and Ownership Analysis
  • Airport Zoning Analysis and Prioritization
  • Drones
  • Last Mile Connection Opportunity (Courtesy Car Analysis)

Display Dashboard

In Development

Statewide Airport Economic Impact Study

The Statewide Airport Economic Impact Study was an ancillary study developed out of Phase I. The study analyzed the annual economic impacts generated by 126 of Minnesota’s 133 public airports. The data from the study was used to develop an economic impact calculator to estimate how airport businesses and projects benefit the local economy.

Phase 1

Phase 1 built the framework for a continuous SASP which strives to keep data current to better track performance metrics and share progress towards those metrics with aviation stakeholders. Phase 1 included an extensive Public Involvement Plan and tasks that resulted in a number of recommendations to carry into the Phase II effort.

State Aviation System Plan contact:

Rylan Juran
Project Manager
State Aviation System Plan

Public Involvement Plan contact:

John Fleming
Aviation Planner