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Projected Revenues

Revenue Sources

There are four main permanent revenue sources for the State Trunk Highway Fund:

  • Federal Gas Tax and General Fund (Federal-Aid Highway Program)
  • State Gas Tax (Motor Fuels Excise Taxes)
  • Tab Fees (Motor Vehicle Registration Tax)
  • Motor Vehicle Sales Tax
State Highway Trunk Fund revenue sources graph, showing the projected revenue in millions of each source grow from 2012 to 2036

Highway System Expenditures

MnDOT manages the Trunk Highway Fund to support four broad types of expenditures on the state highway system:

  • Debt Service, for payments to bondholders who have financed earlier investments
  • Operations and Maintenance, combining traffic management, snow removal, pavement patching, etc.
  • Program Planning and Delivery, including design and engineering work
  • State Road Construction, representing the capital program for new construction and reconstruction of state highways and bridges

Balancing these goals leads to a projected 20-year total of about $20 billion devoted to capital projects. However, inflation for highway construction materials will continually reduce the buying power of this revenue.

Chart showing projected revenue adjusted for inflation compared to projected revenue in year of construction, from 2018 through 2037

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