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Our work doesn't stop once a plan is updated. The Family of Plans is where MnDOT and our transportation partners communicate what we plan to do. We identify how we will invest, what strategies to implement and specific activities to complete in order to make progress towards the Minnesota GO Vision. To learn more about what is in each plan, visit the plan pages.

While we can't document everything we do - there is simply too much - we can highlight some key activities. Click on the featured activities below to learn more.

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Increasing the transparency of how we select highway construction projects

The Greater Minnesota Mobility Study evaluated highway investment needs on the National Highway System (NHS) throughout Greater Minnesota.

After more than a yearlong development process, MnDOT adopted a new project selection policy in November 2018.

Strengthening Minnesota’s roads and bridges through thoughtful and strategic planning.

Increasing the transparency of MnDOT’s project selection processes.

Increasing the transparency of MnDOT’s project selection processes.

Expanding and improving asset management planning.