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Minnesota State Highway Investment Plan

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Plan introduction

The 20-Year Minnesota State Highway Investment Plan (MnSHIP) sets and communicates capital investment priorities for the state highway system for the next 20 years given expected funding. MnSHIP is required by Minnesota statute and must be updated every five years. This MnSHIP update spans the 20-year planning period from 2023 to 2042 and replaces the 2018-2037 MnSHIP. Plan chapters and appendices are linked below.

Overview of the plan

The Minnesota State Highway Investment Plan is divided into eight chapters:

Download a PDF of the plan

A fully accessible PDF of MnSHIP is available here:

Plan with the appendices (accessible PDF)

Plan without the appendices (accessible PDF)


Appendices provide additional information and analyses that guided the development of this plan.

Download Full Appendix PDF

Download individual appendices